Ascent 4 RF Services was founded by John Simmons.  While it was started in 2005 it's history started in 1984 with the founding of RF Services, Inc. in San Jose California.  The original concept was to provide an income to Novellus Systems which John also helped found.

Early Days

Initially, RF Services serviced the Semiconductor and related industries filling a void in the service capabilities in the Silicon Valley.  Providing training courses and both in house repairs and field service they quickly established a reputation that continued to grow. 

The company then began providing Automatic Impedance Matching Networks.  Which continued to evolve and help the reputation and customer base.

                                                                IMPORTANT MILESTONES
1984 RF Services Founded in San Jose                                            1987 First Match Unit shipped 1993      RF Services Scotland founded                                   1997      RF Services Scotland separates from RF Services, Inc 2003 Ascent 4 Opened  in East Kilbride                                    2005 Ascent 4 RF Services Opened in Wales
While the company has grown and evolved and changed locations over the years the original concept of providing generic rf knowledge and repair capabilities to the customers regardless of manufacturer has remained constant.

The company maintains the desire to cooperate with both OEMs and end users to ensure a better running machine for the customer.

Whilst there are now more companies now offering RF Service and Repair we are the oldest and in the opinion of our customers the best.

We can be imitated but never replaced.


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