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Early Plasma System Design Lab at LFE Corporation in Waltham Massachusetts  Circa 1970


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Thank you for stopping by our site.  We hope the information is useful and if we are able to provide you with a service that you are more then satisfied with. The professionalism, quality and speed that have been our trademark over the last 30 years is a reputation that we desire to maintain and improve on.

We provide a one stop shop which can handle the repair and maintenance on almost every piece of RF equipment found in the Fab. This service is provided regardless of age or place of manufacture. Besides service we also offer upgrades, training, consultation and both new and used RF equipment. We can also perform preventive maintenance on the RF portion of your systems, freeing up your own maintenance engineers to deal with other issues.

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  We provide repair services for most RF Equipment found in the fab.  Evaluation is provided free of charge.

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 Check our equipment listing for new and used RF Equipment

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